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DC Holdings & Investments, LLC

"Helping Build A Better Tomorrow...Today!"

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Purchase Process Overview...

DC Holdings & Investments, LLC purchase process is quick, easy and affordable! Below is a step by step description of what a potential home buyer can expect when purchasing one of our properties through our 'Better Tomorrow'  homeownership program.

The first step towards owning your very own DCHI home begins with browsing through our list of available properties under our 'DCHI Properties'  tab. Once you've determined the potential home(s) you would like to purchase simply call or email our offices to schedule a showing of our the properties you desire.  
At the showing, one of our qualified representative will advise you of your options as well as the anticipated mortgage rate of the property. We provide this to make sure that our customers are not surprised at closing and that they are able to examine their finances prior to completing our DCHI Homeowner Application. There is an non-refundable twenty-five dollar application fee, which covers background/credit checks on up to two individuals. Once your application is approved, a DCHI team member will contact you to schedule a date for you to make your down payment.  
On the day you come to our office to make your initial down payment, a representative will take you through our straight forward DCHI land contract. DCHI contracts have a fixed rate for ten or fifteen years, which is determined by your credit/background report. Whether you have good or bruised credit, we have a program that will fit for you! Once you've reviewed and signed the land contract papers, a move in date will be scheduled.
Prior to your scheduled move-in date, our representative will contact you to obtain the Final Payment and DTE Confirmation # ensuring that all utilities have been transferred into your name. If for any reason our office does not receive either of these two things, your move-in date will be postponed until we do. Once we've received this information, our rep will meet you at the property to give you the keys to your new home and discuss due date for your monthly mortgage payment.