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Known for its breath-taking lakes and scenic views, the Great Up North never disappoints!

Here are just a few things to do on your next adventure  Up North.

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Whether you're hunting for that next trophy catch or just want to create some quiet memories with your children, Alpena is the place for you. The number of locations in the Alpena area for fly fishing, trolling, fishing from a dock or canoe and even deep water fishing are endless. Even once the water has frozen over...there is always ice fishing!

Get your fishing license online today!


Fish Stocking Database –  search area lakes for a Michigan DNR update on stocked fish

Michigan DNR Fishing Guide – all the rules and regulations you need to know before heading out on the water

Area Fishing Reports– stay up to date on the Alpena area fishing reports



Alpena has something for every type of trail enthusiast whether biking, hiking or just out for a stroll among nature. Click the link below for a detailed guide on all of the trails offered in the surrounding area of Alpena. 


Alpena Nature Trail Guide 


Due to the vast number of bodies of water in the  Alpena area, it has become a prime destination for water enthusiasts. Its rivers and lakes create a tranquil setting for a day of creating waves or riding them.  The serene setting allows for daydreaming as you glide across the water and take in the wildlife. Come kayak, canoe or standup paddleboard  at a number of the different lakes.


Alpena's beautiful scenery makes it the perfect location to take in a round of Golf with friends and love ones. Complete an 18 round of golf while being embraced by soft rolling hills, beautiful forests, and sparkling blue water. 

Book your tee-time today at one of the clubs below:

  1. River’s Edge Golf Club 

  2. Alpena Golf Club

  3. White Pine 

  4. Lost Lake Woods 

  5. Thunder Bay

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